GOQ triple LED lighting

The Samsung triple LED is the most widely used module. It is suited for medium-sized channel letters, but also for letters that need to emit more light. In addition, it is a popular module for light boxes. The GOQ triple LED is available in the colours white, red, green and blue.
This CAP version has a viewing angle of 150º instead of 120º. By using this LED, you can make your channel letters shallower, but still have the same kind of lighting!

Characteristics :

  • Most Preferred Best seller LED module : CE, UL, RoHS Certified
  • Power Consumption : 1.08W
  • LED provided by SAMSUNG
  • SMD LED mounted : Made in Korea
  • LED Driver : Constant Voltage Driving System
  • Max. 50 modules in series
  • Fabricated with a CAP TYPE Optical Lens
  • Each unit can be used to cut.
  • Best Viewing Angle : 150°

Enhanced Function :

  • Stylish Appearance design : CAP TYPE
  • Design for Humid & Waterproof : 1P68
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance

Applications :

  • Normal size Channel letters
  • Flex light Box illumination
  • Duplex light Box illumination

Specification :

Item Value Unit
Product No. GOQ 3LED (White) -
Power Consuption 1.08 Watt
Input Voltage 12 VDC
Input Current 90 mA
View Angle 150 0
Luminour Intensity 90 Im(typ.)
CRI 80 %
Module Pitch 80 mm
Size 66*15*8.5 mm
Weight 8 g
Max. in Series 50 EA
Operating Temp -30~85 0C
Storage Temp -40~100 0C
Water Proof IP68 -
Cable UL,20AWG 300V/80 0C -
Case Materials Ul, ABS, VO-class -
Lense Materials Ul, SAN, VO-class -